How it Works

Photos are stored in Galleries that can be accessed from the Galleries tab in the top menu, or from the Galleries link in the left column of the Home page.

All the photos in each Gallery are displayed as thumbnails. By hovering your cursor over a thumbnail, a larger image in a floating window will open. To view the photo at largest size, click on the thumbnail and the photo will open on its own page.


Regrettably it is no longer possible to buy and download photos in one seamless operation because the payment processor no longer works. It's a long story and I won't bore you with software details!

As a workaround, I've created a discount code that reduces the cost of your order to zero. This allows you to add photos to your shopping cart, apply the discount code, enter your email address and download whatever images you ordered.

It's then a matter of trust that you pay for your order using PayPal. A minimum order of three photos ($6) is required (because of PayPal's transaction fees) while a maximum of 15 photos ($30) can be added to your cart per transaction.

(Note: If you'd prefer to see the process in more detail with screenshots of each step, you can download a PDF file from here that shows exactly how it's done.) 
To order a photo, click on the "DOWNLOAD" button below the large version of the photo. This automatically opens a pop-up window with the details of the image. If you're happy with everything, simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button.

You can at any stage check what's in your cart by clicking on the small cart icon at the top right of the page (to the far right of the Search Box), then scrolling down and clicking on "View Cart".  Here you can remove any images you don't want and update the cart.

IMPORTANT: It’s also at this stage that you add the Discount Code (previously emailed to you) and hit "Apply". Once the discount code has been applied and the cost of the order reduced to zero, click on the green CHECKOUT button. (Note that if you haven't added a minimum of three photos, you'll get a warning message that the discount code can't be applied).
The final step is to enter a valid email address (please ensure it's correct), accept the Purchase Agreement and hit the CHECKOUT button again. The order gets processed and a new page pops up with small thumbnails of the ordered pics and you can simply download each one. You will also receive an email sent to the address you provided with a link to the download page in case there's a problem downloading from the website.

Please don't forget to pay for your order once you've downloaded the photos! If you need a PayPal invoice, please let me know and I can create one. Otherwise simply calculate the amount owed by adding up the number of images ordered at $2 each and pay the amount via PayPal using the email address provided with the discount code.

When buying photos, you will need to accept the Purchase Agreement. This is not an overly complex legal document; rather it sets out clearly how downloaded images can be used. Click here to view now or you can click on the Purchase Agreement link at the foot of each page.


When buying photos from this website, you are not buying the actual photo, but rather a license to use the photo in certain ways. The terms of the license are essentially the same as those set out in the Purchase Agreement. You can view the full license here or by clicking on the Art Reference License link at the foot of each page.

The main purpose of the Art Reference License is to prove you have the right to use photos purchased and downloaded as reference for your artwork. It is becoming customary to require such proof when selling artwork or entering competitions.You can print out a copy of the license if you need to show anyone that you have the right to use the reference photo(s). Should you ever need additional proof, please contact me with details and I will send you a customized, signed version that applies to the photo(s) in question. 
Please also see FAQ for additional information about this site.