How it Works

This site is built specifically for artists needing affordable reference photos for their artwork.

Photos are stored in Galleries that can be accessed from the Gallery tab in the top menu, or from the Galleries link in the left column.

All the photos in each Gallery are displayed as thumbnails. By hovering your cursor over a thumbnail, a larger image in a floating window will open.

To view the photo at largest size, click on the thumbnail and the photo will open on its own page where you can use the magnifier to see more detail. For this to work best, wait a second or two until the photo and text have fully loaded.


While you can buy individual photos, the best value is to buy one of the Subscriptions which allow you to choose your own set of photos that can be downloaded within a set period.

To purchase an individual photo, click on the Download button below the large photo, from where you can add the photo to your cart. You can access your cart any time by clicking on the cart icon that appears immediately below the top menu.

To purchase one of the subscriptions, you will need to create an account. You will be asked to do this during Checkout, which is inconvenient - better to create your account first.

You can create your account by clicking on the link at the very top, right, of any page.

Once you have bought a subscription and you are logged in, you can immediately start downloading your allocation of photos. You can do this by clicking on the small "down" arrow below each thumbnail, or from the Download button below a photo opened at large size.

After clicking on the "download" link, a small panel will open, showing the image on the left. On the right of the image you can confirm that you want to use your subscription, by clicking on the small white circle.
Once you have clicked on the circle, it will show below how many downloads you have remaining. Now click on the "Download" button and your browser will ask whether you want to Open the file or Save it. Select the "Save" option and choose a folder (or your Desktop) as the destination where the photo will be downloaded.

Each time you download a new photo from your subscription, you will see how many downloads you have remaining and the expiry date.


When logged in, you can view your Download History which will show you images already downloaded. Click on Subscriptions to see how many downloads you have remaining, and the Expiry date.

From this page you can also view all Orders, edit your account, and access your Lightbox.


When buying individual photos or one of the subcriptions, you will need to accept the Purchase Agreement. This is not an overly complex legal document; rather it tries to set out clearly how downloaded images can be used. You can view the agreement by clicking on the Purchase Agreement link at the foot of each page.

When buying photos from this website, you are not buying the actual photo, but rather a Royalty Free License for Art Reference to use the photo in certain ways. The terms of the license are the same as those set out in the Purchase Agreement. You can view the full license at any time by clicking on the "Art Reference License" link at the foot of the page.

You can print the license if you need to show anyone that you have the right to sell artwork based on a downloaded reference photo. Should you ever need additional proof, please contact me with details and I will send you a more customized, signed version that applies to the photo/s in question.
Please also see FAQ for additional information about this site.


For our Subscription Packages, starting at just $10 for 20 images, click on Subscriptions tab in top menu

+Scotch Macaskill