Purchase Agreement


Please understand that images on this website are specifically for use by artists needing reference material. If you'd like to use images for any other purposes, please contact me and we can negotiate a fair price based on intended usage.


By purchasing and/or downloading images from this website, you hereby understand, acknowledge, and agree that:

1. Ownership and copyright of all images is retained by Scotch Macaskill and/or African Reference Photos

2. You are granted a royalty free license to use the images as reference for creating works of art, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

3. For purposes of this agreement, a "work of art" is defined as:

3.1 An original creation using physical tools and materials (as in paint, brushes and similar tools of the trade) in the creation of the work.

3.2 A new work, starting with a blank virtual canvas, created using painting techniques in similar fashion to non-digital paintings, but using a virtual canvas and virtual painting tools.

4. For purposes of this agreement, a "work of art" does NOT include digital manipulation, using software, to simply alter the original image to make it look like a painting. In other words, it does not include a digitally altered or electronically created or formed copy of a photo downloaded from this site.

5. You may sell any original works of art as defined in Clause 3 above, and reproductions produced from the original.
6. You may enter any artwork, based on images downloaded from this site, into art competitions.
7. You may make copies of downloaded images for backup purposes

8. You may not use downloaded images for the following (but not limited to the exclusions listed):
i) publication on websites, blogs or in apps
ii) any form of print media including books, brochures, fliers, and the like
iii) screensavers, slideshows, presentations, or videos
iv) printing on articles for resale like T-shirts, mugs, bags, apparel
v) printing on paper, canvas or other material for resale
vi) creation of logos, corporate branding, composites, and derivative images

9. You may not resell, give away, exchange, share or otherwise distribute any images you download
(Please see FAQ for additional information on what you can and cannot use images for; if you have any questions or require clarification, please use the Contact form and I'll do my best to help.)