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Scotch MacaskillName’s Scotch Macaskill (it’s a nickname – real name Andrew), the photographer and publisher of African Reference Photos. I live in Curry’s Post, a rural hamlet in the Natal Midlands, about 130 km from the city of Durban, South Africa.

Although I originally studied law at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, a few years of practice as an attorney convinced me that law was not for me – too confrontational – so I bailed out and opted for photojournalism.

Then more study, this time a three-year Photography Diploma at Natal Technikon.

I subsequently worked on newspapers and magazines in South Africa and Australia as a photographer and sub-editor, then tried my hand as a commercial photographer before working for about 10 years as communications manager for a safari clothing company.

My interest in wildlife and wildlife photography has developed in tandem with travels to some of Africa’s great parks and nature reserves.

I am not a professional wildlife photographer; all my photographs have been taken while on safari with friends who have been kind enough to let me tag along.

That means I'm in a game drive vehicle with six to eight other people, not necessarily photographers, so I have to grab whatever images I can, usually with run-of-the mill equipment.

I am under no illusions about my photos - most don't make the grade as top class wildlife images. I do believe, however, that they can provide a great resource for artists needing reference photos of African animals taken in the wild, in their natural habitat.

And that's the rationale behind African Reference Photos - to be the very best source of African reference imagery at an affordable price.
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